Wooden Containers

Multi purpose plexi container for chocolate, nuts, dates and more. Our wooden container are the best addition on your family and friends gathering.


  • Large (15cm diameter, height: 9.5cm)
  • Medium (12cm diameter, height 8cm)
  • Small (10cm diameter, height 7.5cm)


  • American walnut wood with natural Mother of Pearl inlay(Top Cover) of different designs; Acrylic(Container Body)
Wooden Container Design

Beauty Zoom (Green), Beauty Zoom (White Pearl), Dancing Duo (Abalone and White), Dancing Duo (Emerald and Abalone), Dancing Duo (Emerald and Pearl), Emerald and Pearl (Green and Abalone), Emerald and Pearl (Green and White), Emerald and Pearl (White and Abalone), Jilwa (Green and White), Jilwa (White and Abalone), Jilwa (White)


Small, Medium, Large